Axia Audio sells 1,000 consoles

April marks company’s 5th anniversary

11 April 2008, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Axia Audio, the IP-Audio networking division of Telos, has just sold its 1,000th radio console. “I’m blown away with the enthusiasm Axia has been greeted with,” says Axia Vice President Marty Sacks. “In just five short years, broadcasters have made us the fastest-growing console company in the industry!”

Axia was launched in 2003, introducing radio broadcasters to the then-revolutionary concept of using standard switched Ethernet to transport real-time, linear, broadcast-quality audio. Since then, Axia’s product line has expanded to include Element, a highly-configurable modular broadcast console, a family of “audio nodes” that allow easy mixing and matching of digital, analog and microphone audio, a wide variety of studio control panels and selectors, and a comprehensive suite of network administration and routing control software.

Element consoles are engineered and built to stand up to the stresses of round-the-clock operation, utilizing heavy-duty components like avionics-grade on/off switches with custom-molded, impact-resistant bezels, heavy-duty conductive plastic faders with side-loading armatures to resist spills and debris, thick extruded aluminum frames and bulletproof, fanless power supplies.

Along with ruggedness and reliability, Element consoles come packed with features to meet the demands of both air and production applications, like four Program buses, four Aux Send buses, the ability to mix in either stereo or 5.1 surround, three-band digital parametric EQ that can be applied to any source, onboard voice dynamics processing – compression, de-essing and expansion tools designed by Omnia Audio – and even operator headphone processing. Element consoles can be ordered in sizes ranging from 2 to 40 faders in single or split-frame configurations, and in a choice of three eye-pleasing color combinations. Automatic mix-minus and dedicated talkback and preview functions are available for each fader.

The Axia IP-Audio system allows broadcasters to build audio networks of any size using standard switched Ethernet to connect a few rooms, or an entire facility. Axia networks have a total system capacity of more than 10,000 audio streams, and can carry hundreds of digital stereo (or nearly a hundred surround) channels over a single CAT-6 cable, eliminating much of the cost normally associated with wiring labor and infrastructure.

For more information, please contact Clark Novak at Axia Audio by email, or by phone at +1-216-241-7225.

element-twin-silver-monitobronze elementelement20 tnThese press-ready pictures of Axia Bronze, Gray and Silver Consoles can be downloaded from the Axia picture gallery at