Telos Alliance Doubles Warranty Coverage

The Telos Alliance has upped factory warranty coverage for all newly-purchased hardware products to 5 years, giving Telos Alliance clients more new-purchase peace-of-mind than anyone else in the industry. This new warranty policy is effective immediately upon product registration.

"Our company's motto has always been 'the customer comes first'," says Omnia Audio founder and Telos Alliance CEO Frank Foti. "While other companies have a strict one-year warranty policy, we've had a two-year warranty for years, and actually given no-cost service to clients with equipment past its warranty expiration — because it was the right thing to do. In extending our warranty to five years, we're just making official what's been a regular part of our service to clients for years."

In addition to the expanded 5-year warranty, Telos Alliance clients also have access to the Alliance's exclusive 24/7 Support team, on call around the clock, 365 days a year. "We like to say that broadcasters never sleep, so neither do we," chuckles Foti.

The new Telos Alliance warranty is available HERE for download as a PDF.