Telos Alliance Introduces Pathfinder Core PRO VM and Appliance

Now broadcasters can see more, do more, and control more with powerful new Axia Pathfinder Core PRO VM and updated 1RU appliance.



The Telos Alliance®—leader in broadcast technology and parent company to Telos®, Omnia®, Axia®, 25-Seven®, Linear Acoustic®, and Minnetonka™—will premiere its new Axia Pathfinder Core PRO routing control VM and updated 1RU appliance at IBC 2018 in stand #8.D47 at the RAI Amsterdam, September 14-18. Pathfinder Core PRO VM, available this October, will be demonstrated in a conceptual hypervisor environment at IBC, joining other cutting-edge Telos Alliance VMs in what Telos Alliance is calling the 'HyperStudio Experience'.

Axia Pathfinder Core PRO with screensThe third generation of Pathfinder Core PRO—either Appliance or VM—is a toolbox with powerful features that combine to create efficient workflows and facility management. Pathfinder Core PRO centralizes Axia device monitoring and control, letting broadcasters make route changes from one central place—the Pathfinder Core PRO web interface. It simplifies routing in complex facilities, even those with thousands of audio sources and destinations, by giving the user easier, more intuitive control over audio workflows. Broadcasters can customize and command their entire Axia network like never before with streamlined functionality including Logic Flows—a flow-chart-style events system that makes events easier to create, adjust, and monitor in real time.

Pathfinder Core PRO Appliance

Pathfinder Core PRO is moving to a new hardware platform—a powerful and reliable 1RU appliance. Proven in years of on-air service, the new Pathfinder Core PRO appliance brings enterprise server-class redundancy and multi-processor, multi-threading architecture to real-time broadcast operations. Faster response, deeper event logging, and ultra-reliable monitoring and control are now available in the new appliance. Access to the Pathfinder Core PRO appliance is browser-based, so it’s PC-platform independent.

Pathfinder Core PRO VM

Axia Pathfinder Core PRO VM is the virtualized monitoring and control solution for Axia Livewire+™ AES67 facilities. Pathfinder Core PRO VM allows broadcasters to deploy Pathfinder monitoring and control on familiar, approved hardware. Thanks to Pathfinder’s network-optimized monitoring and control protocols, Pathfinder Core PRO VM can be deployed locally or at an off-site data center. Just one instance of this VM-installable solution can monitor and control dozens of Axia broadcast facilities—over a small region or around the globe. Pathfinder Core PRO VM may be installed in a selection of hypervisor environments including VMware, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and Proxmox. Installation is also possible on standalone PC or Server hardware.

Thanks to installation and deployment options, the VM version of Pathfinder Core PRO lends itself to centralized deployment, allowing monitoring and control of routing and Axia equipment for a network of studios and remote Axia locations.

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