VX Prime Broadcast Phone System: Big Performance for Small Facilities

CLEVELAND, OH – 30 June  2016 

The Telos Alliance®—leaders in broadcast radio technology and parent company to Telos®, Omnia®, Axia®, 25-Seven®, Linear Acoustic®, and Minnetonka™—is launching the Telos VX Prime Broadcast IP Telephone System today, ideal for smaller facilities with two to four studios. Telos VX Broadcast phone systems are well-known for providing incredible operational power, flexible, adaptable workflows, and superior audio quality on an IP backbone. Now, the VX Prime system builds upon that legacy, offering the same caliber of audio quality and performance to smaller facilities.VX_Prime-Group-1.jpg

"Simply put, you’re paying for the capability you need, while getting unparalleled quality for on-air calls—even mobile calls," says Joe Talbot, Telephony Product Manager. "The Telos Alliance was founded on the quest for superior-sounding calls, and VX Prime lives up to this heritage."

VX Prime is a great option for new facility builds, broadcasters who want to switch to higher-performance IP phones from older, expensive POTS and ISDN lines, or those looking to add an IP phone to their existing system.

Upgrade to IP and Save
Because the cost of IP phone lines is far less than that of traditional ISDN and POTS lines, VX Prime will end up paying for itself. This broadcast IP phone system can potentially save hundreds of dollars monthly on expensive ISDN/POTS lines. 

Superior Audio Quality & HD Voice
VX Prime has native support for the G.722 HD Voice codec, meaning it can make qualified mobile phone calls sound detailed and clear, improving caller speech quality and intelligibility, which is a huge benefit in an increasingly mobile world. Smart AGC ensures consistent audio caller levels, while Dynamic Digital EQ (DDEQ) by Omnia adjusts EQ automatically to ensure call-to-call consistency and intelligibility. 

Simple Setup
If you already have an existing Livewire network (the Telos Alliance's AoIP technology) connecting the VX Prime is as simple as connecting a single Ethernet cable to the VX Prime engine and adding some networked Telos VSet phones. Non-Livewire studios can use a Telos Multipurpose Node for audio and GPIO connectivity to studio consoles. VX Prime provides phone hybrids for each studio, without the need for any additional wiring or physical audio connections.

Flexible Use
There is no restriction to the number of SIP lines or phone numbers that can come into the VX Prime system. The number of hybrids/faders in the VX Prime system is fixed at eight.

VX Prime users have access to the Telos Alliance's 24/7 round-the-clock support. The Telos Alliance gets back to its customers in minutes, not days. VX Prime also comes with the Telos Alliance's standard five-year warranty.

VX Prime is compatible with a wide variety of call-management software applications from third parties, and comes with XScreen call-screening software from Broadcast Bionics. To purchase a VX Prime system, contact a Telos Alliance dealer

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