Omnia Christmas Presets

Going to an all-Christmas format? Back by popular demand, we present our Omnia Christmas presets for the unique processing requirements of Christmas music!

In the spirit of the holiday season for those stations filling our cars, offices, and homes with the sound of Christmas music, here are some brand-new FM presets for your Omnia Volt, Omnia.9, and Omnia.11 that take full advantage of the updated dynamics processing and clipper improvements available in each of the latest software versions. 

Some folks ask us, “Why would I want a different preset for Christmas music?” It’s a good question with a straightforward answer. 

No matter the processor, the preset you normally use has been chosen and probably customized for the type of music you play the rest of the year, which in most cases encompasses only one genre and musical “era.” 

Much like stations whose playlist spans many decades, the Christmas format ranges from Johnny Mathis to the Ronettes to Mannheim Steamroller to Ariana Grande. Our Christmas presets have been designed to provide spectral consistency across this wide-ranging content. They’ve also been tuned to be easy to listen to for high TSL, as Christmas stations tend to hold their audience for very long periods of time.  

We hope you enjoy them!